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China's joining the WTO in December 2001 has secured vastly improved access for the firms in EU and US to the Chinese market, and just as importantly Chinese access to the world

Now EU and North America has become China's two biggest and most important trading partners. Everything points to continuing growth in China.

China is the most competitive and diverse supplier of manufactured goods in Asia. However, it is often difficult to source reliable suppliers, even for seasoned and experienced buyers.

This is due to many factors, which include:

The biggest population in the world that contained numerous lowest cost workers. It is difficult for buyers to inspect whether those workers have been well trained.

Most companies registered as manufacturers. However, the capacity and capability vary intensively.

The reliable company information is difficult to verify.

The costly way for firms to investigate or search the right suppliers.

Cultural barriers prevent smooth communication.

Foreign currency control hinders efficiency to inexperienced traders.

Our objectives are to provide solutions for global companies at their profit improvement. We provide high quality and competitive products through supply chain management. We accept flexible order quantities. Members of our team have been conducting business in China since the late 1980s and we have seen a startling change to business practices and volumes in the past five years.

We are able to assist you to achieve real results in this important market.

CPC has established a stable and reliable network of manufacturers in the industries in China, where CPC supplies for customers.

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